Considering having Summit Locations place a billboard on your property? I’m sure you have some questions. We’ve compiled many of the common questions here. Please contact us if you have any question(s) not addressed here.

‘Would I have to take care of the permits?’
We take care of all the zoning permits with the State and local officials.

‘Do I have to pay to build the sign?’
We would cover all construction costs for the sign, and maintenance.

‘Would I be liable for the sign on my property?’
We carry $1,000,000 of liability insurance for the sign.

‘Do I have to pay the electric bill?’
We would have our own electric meter on the sign and pay the electricity for the sign.

‘Who would find the advertisers?’
We would find advertisers to place on the sign.

‘What would I have to do?’
The only possible things we would require of the land owner is a few signatures and cash the quarterly check we send you.. (in some rare cases we may need the land owner to attend a township/municipality zoning meeting to get the permit approved locally).

‘Where would the sign go?’
The placement of the sign is negotiable. As long as the sign is visible from the principal roadway we don’t care where it goes on the property.

‘How high is the sign?’
The bottom of the sign is 15 feet off the ground. (we can adjust this slightly if needed). The pole is 20 inches in diameter. Anything you do under the sign, if it does not obstruct the view of the sign, is of no concern to us.

‘How often will you need to be on our land?’
After installation, we will need access to the sign usually 3 or 4 times a year to change out the signs. Those visits will not require any equipment. We hope to be in and out before you even notice the sign change.

‘What about the content of the sign?’
The content of the signs will be family friendly. Nothing with adult entertainment, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, nor will we advertise for any competitor. If there are any special requests you might have that could result in a conflict of interest for you, we can work with you on those as well. Example: An animal shelter once requested we do not advertise anything pro-hunting.

‘What do you advertise?’
We advertise for local businesses such as automotive companies, contractors, insurance and real estate agents, restaurants, educational facilities, jewelry stores, pawn shops, gun shops, golf courses, hotels, tourist attractions and entertainment, companies hiring, just to name a few.